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We here at Hot Tub Experts are the foremost experts on hot tubs. We have turned our houses into laboratories to test each and every hot tub individually and find the top ones available for you to purchase today! Don’t hesitate! read our reviews today!

Our Team

Joey Meng

I joined the Hot Tub Experts team to help people choose the top hot tub they can buy! be it Inflatable or traditional. I hope my reviews can help you today!
Email: joey@hottubexperts.net

Phone: 248-487-9823

Bill Yang

Bill Yang has been working on Hot Tubs and swimming pools for over thirty years! He owns a local hot tub and pool installation business that helps clients build pools and hot tubs!

Email: bill@hottubexperts.net

Phone: 248-982-8753

Kiran Menon

Kiran is a contractor working with Bill and Joey’s hot tub and pool business, his experience and writing skills have made him a good reviewer for the hot tubs we reviewed here.

Email: kiran@hottubexperts.net

Phone: 248-912-0073