Inflatable Hot Tub – Big Lots don’t sell

Some of your guys may want to buy an inflatable hot tubs in big lots. But unfortunately they don’t sell any inflatable hot tubs at all. Maybe the reason they don’t sell them is not so many people will buy one for this luxury. But don’t worry, you can buy blow up hot tubs on... Read More »

Homax Inflatable Hot Tubs Review 2016

Homax had come out with a series of inflatable hot tubs last year. These products are in different gallon sizes, different capacities. I like the big size hot tubs because all my family member can enjoy the spa at the same time. And there are small size tubs for one or two person, which are... Read More »

Best Budget Inflatable Hot Tub 2016

The reason some people choose inflatable hot tubs is it is cheap than those conventional hot tubs. Inflatable hot tubs cost less than other types. Spend at least $350, you can get one. There are other good features like easy to use, easy to set up, portable and can be placed on any level surface.... Read More »