Coleman Lay-Z Spa Review

By | December 24, 2016
Coleman Lay-Z Spa



    Setup Time






          Overall Quality



            • Large Capacity
            • Holds up to 6-people comfortably
            • Good Maximum Temperature
            • Durable
            • Easy to setup and maintain


            • Doesn't heat water while bubbling
            • Bubbles may cool the water


            This hot tub is quick and easy to set up, making it the best choice for those who don’t have time or required tools to install a traditional hot tub. The tub also features an easy to use control panel that includes an automatic timer controlled heating system. With a 4-6 person capacity, this hot tub is ideal for the family that wants an inexpensive way to relax. 


            A major advantage of this hot tub is its installation time: the tool-less setup only takes 30 minutes and inflation can be done with the included pump. Despite this fast setup time, the hot tub is sturdy and durable, and the walls are made of the strong yet comfortable TriTech material in an I-beam construction. To provide additional comfort, the floor of the spa is padded, which also provides insulation and minimizes heat loss. Temperature can easily be set on the user friendly digital control panel. The bubble blower uses ambient air, which can cause water temperature to lower if the spa is located outside.  The bubbles provide a soothing massage and can help you relax after hard day of work. The spa cannot create bubbles and heat the water at the same time, so make sure to heat the water to the ideal temperature before bubbling. Any problems with the hot tub can be fixed with the included repair kit, and no additionals tools are needed for the spa to work. The spa is easy to transport and is ideal for those who travel frequently. With its simple setup and user-friendly controls, this hot tub is perfect for the average family that wants to relax without a hassle. 

            Best Features:  

            • Capacity of 254 Gallons, maximum temperature of 104 degrees F
            • Easy and quick to setup
            • Can hold up to 6 people
            • User Friendly Control Panel to set temperature and heating times
            • Pump included for inflation
            • Comes with a setup and maintenance DVD
            • Easy to deflate and transport, and maintain
            • Sturdy and comfortable 

            Possible Problems:  

            • Bubble blower uses ambient air, which may lower water temperature
            • Does not heat water while bubbling  


            This spa is fast to setup and easy to use.  The spa also emphasizes comfort with its padded floors and walls. The control panel can be used to change a variety of options including temperature and bubbling at the touch of a button. If you move often, this spa will be perfect for you, because of its light weight and easy assembly. This spa is great for those who want to relax quickly and easily!

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