Intex Portable 6-Person Purespa Review

By | December 24, 2016
Intex Purespa 6-Person



    Setup Time






          Overall Quality



            • Padded Floor
            • 6-person capacity
            • Good water capacity: 290 Gallons
            • Easy to setup and maintain
            • Includes hard water treatment


            • Takes long time to heat up
            • More expensive than other models


            With a capacity of 210 gallons, this is one of the larger hot tubs on our list.The spa can hold up to 6 people, making it great for large families or relaxing with friends. The spa also includes hard water treatment, giving users a gentle experience usually found in only professional grade spas.


            The inflatable hot tub is simple to maintain, with easily replaceable filter cartridges and floating chemical dispenser. The hot tub is manufactured with strong and puncture resistant fibers, beam constructions and 3-ply laminated PVC. The control panel can be used to easily adjust temperature, cleaning, circulation, and hard water treatment. The spa contains a padded floor for extra comfort and an insulated cover to maintain temperature and humidity. The spa can reach a temperature of 104 degrees F. Although it takes some time to for the spa to heat up, the temperature is maintained and reheating is not frequently required. The spa is easy to set up and comes with DVD instructions.

            Best Features:

            • Very high capacity at 210 gallons of water
            • Can reach max temperature of 104 degrees Fahrenheit 
            • Fits 6 People comfortably
            • Padded Floor for comfort
            • Easy to use control panel that manages filtration, temperature and bubbles
            • Strengthened hot tub walls made with puncture resistant 3-ply construction laminated PVC
            • Easy to set up and operate/maintain
            • Hard water treatment for gentler experience

            Possible Problems:

            • Takes a long time to heat up
            • Somewhat more expensive than other hot tubs


            The Intex PureSpa is a great option for those who are looking for a great experience. Although this hot tub may be somewhat more expensive than others, it definitely has a feature set that complements the price and more than justifies it. The PureSpa is a GREAT buy.

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